An Easter Brunch
April 06, 2022

An Easter Brunch

It’s that time of year again when hot cross buns and chocolate eggs make an appearance on every family table, so whether you are hosting a lively brunch or planning a more formal lunch or dinner, we have you covered. In preparation for the closely approaching season, we have rounded up a few of our favourite pieces to help create a wonderful Easter table.

The Easter season is a fabulous time of year for outdoor entertaining – the beautiful colours and cooler temperatures of Autumn make it perfect for alfresco dining. I love to embrace the relaxed atmosphere of the season by hosting a long brunch; it is generally a lot less formal and, with the right company, can sometimes extend until late afternoon!

Traditionally, Easter tables embrace pastel hues and fresh floral prints, which I love to layer with patterns and natural textures for a more modern take on the classic Easter aesthetic. I find natural fibres complement outdoor dining; it blends effortlessly with almost any table setting.

I love a table that is formal in appearance yet without the air of being perfectly designed. I always begin with a beautiful piece of fabric to set the palette and act as a backdrop, ensuring that each element works with my chosen fabric. Once I have selected my table covering, I add natural textures, like our raffia placemats and bamboo cutlery, creating a more formal look.

Instead of the traditionally used egg decor, I prefer to use flowers and greenery, which is a great way to add a touch of colour and diversify from the all-pastel colour palette associated with Easter.

When you allow yourself enough time to play with the process and compose all your elements, creating a seasonally themed table can be a creatively fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter