Hopewood Interiors


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Hopewood Interiors is a luxury lifestyle brand inspired by the finest artisans and creative studios from across the globe. Alana Patricks, Founder and Creative Director, is recognised for her fresh take on classical aesthetics and has utilised her talent for design by creating Hopewood Interiors, a brand that functions seamlessly whilst providing luxury pieces that yield a sense of balance and refinement.
Hopewood's profound reverence for the enduring grace of bamboo has inspired the creation of this remarkable collection, which emanates the vibrant freshness of summer blue. Every piece within this collection is a labour of love, where each brushstroke on these meticulously handcrafted plates is executed with precision, capturing the very essence of genuine bamboo.


Made in Italy
Earthenware ceramic
Dimensions: Ø 22cm
Not dishwasher safe
Expected to ship in 8 - 12 weeks