Z.d.G by Zoë de Givenchy

Camaïeu Drageoir, Vert, Set of 2

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Zoe De Givinchy's brand is built upon a foundational principle that encapsulates the true essence of luxury, intricately weaving together three core elements: authenticity, beauty, and practicality.
Diverging from traditional opulence, the brand celebrates the origins and narratives inherent in every item within their carefully curated collection, each meticulously chosen to elicit a profound resonance.
Z.d.G. unveils Europe's most closely guarded secrets, uncovering the hidden treasures meticulously crafted by the continent's foremost specialist artisans. These master craftsmen and women share our unwavering dedication to preserving heritage and upholding the legacy of ancient decorative arts.
This collection was created exclusively for the table of M. Hubert de Givenchy and is entirely hand made and hand painted by master craftsmen in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. It is painted in a camaïeu style, a technique that employs two or three tints of a single color to achieve a monochromatic effect. This hue of vibrant emerald green is beautifully unique and a signature of the region.
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Origin: Handcrafted in Italy
Composition: Handcrafted in ceramic
Dimensions: Ø 21cm
Care: Dishwasher safe on a delicate cycle. Do not use a dry cycle as the heat and steam can cause the glaze to crack. Load and unload with care and gentle handling. Hand washing is preferable and recommended where possible. Not suitable for oven or microwave use.