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Franci Glass Pitcher

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With immeasurable attention to proportions, the Franci glass pitcher is inspired by an eighteenth-century shape that established itself in the large tables of the majestic Republic of Venice. This carafe has been produced in the furnaces of Murano for centuries, finding inspiration from the famous Venetian tricorn hat with three lobes.
Showcasing a sophisticated silhouette along with a subtle lined detail, the Franci pitcher blends simplicity and elegance to create an eye-catching effect.
Crafted from luxurious hand-blown glass in Italy, this pitcher boasts outstanding aesthetics characterised by a softly curved lip which is subtly enhanced with hand-painted white on the rim. 
The Franci pitcher delivers timeless appeal, perfect for serving your favourite summer cocktail or at use at your next tea or brunch table setting.


Made in Italy
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 17cm
Capacity: 1.12l
Not suitable for dishwasher use