Augarten Wien 1718

Cornflower Bread Plate

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Established in 1718, Augarten Wien is Vienna's longest-standing and most prestigious porcelain manufacturer. Over the course of three centuries, Augarten has built an international reputation for meticulous handcrafting and elaborate painting.
Augarten is accustomed to producing bespoke porcelain of the highest standard for Royalty and well-known names such as Jackie Kennedy.
Augarten has worked to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing to provide an endless stream of unique, aesthetically pleasing partnerships. Augarten collaborated with Josef Hoffmann and other artists from the Weiner Werkstätte during the Art Deco era of the 1920s. In the twenty-first century, Augarten is thrilled to have their bespoke porcelain adorn tables all over the globe, catering to the most cutting-edge aesthetics while honouring centuries of tradition.
The Scattered Cornflowers collection features hand-painted small flowers completed with a 24-karat gold edge. Applied to a surface of Mozart form, a classic Augarten pattern evocative of the ornate baroque era, complete with a slightly scalloped rim. Pair with pieces from the Schubert or Belvedere collections for a balanced table scheme.
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Origin: Handcrafted in Vienna
Composition: Porcelain, 24-karat gold
Dimensions: Ø 16cm
Care: Not dishwasher safe