Les Ottomans

Costantinopoli Gatti Salad Plates, Set of 4

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Les Ottomans was inspired by Bertrando di Renzo's lifelong fascination with Turkey, resulting in an exquisite homewares collection that combines eastern and western aesthetics, as well as history and contemporary design. Les-Ottomans is, first and foremost, a fashion proposal that enables the creation of space through the exoticism of the Bosphorus and the allure of Turkish baths.
The Costantinopoli Collection, a partnership between Italian fashion designer Vito Nesta and the Ottoman house Les Ottomans. The series commemorates the opulent lifestyles of the sultans after the fall of Rome to the Ottoman Empire. Each plate is influenced by characters who resided in the palaces to entertain the sultan. The plate is a beautiful addition to traditional or contemporary aesthetics when combined with multiples of the same or other unique pieces in the series.
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Origin: Handcrafted in Italy
Composition: Porcelain
Dimensions: Ø 21cm Salad Plate | Dinner Plate Ø 28cm
Care: Dishwasher safe