Stories of Italy

Nougat Borealis Tumblers, Set of 6

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Stories of Italy is a Milan based brand and design studio that creates fine products steeped in traditional Italian craft.
Inspiration is derived from the great archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of Italy. Objects and symbols from a common past, translated in a contemporary way. The aesthetic is maximalist in colour, yet minimalist in shape with a strong focus on Murano blown glass.

Dario Buratto, creative director and co-founder blends design, craft and art to capture the essence of the most iconic Italian traditions, many of which often carry precise aesthetic rules. We like to play with them, experimenting with both materials and artisans' skills.

Stories of Italy have established strong relationships with local artisans who consider their job a lifetime vocation. Their work embodies a secular tradition that is still constantly developing, a treasure that distinguishes Italy as one of the most unique countries in the world. Stories of Italy is proud to represent a small contribution to the preservation of Italian heritage, striving to keep traditions alive as well as giving them a place in modernity.
The Nougat collection is another result of their tests with Murano blown glass. The patterns on these glasses, always different from each other, are achieved by using pieces and shards of previously blown glass. The transparent coloured shards are fused against an opaque white glass which works as a perfect background for this contemporary terrazzo-like pattern.


Origin: Made in Italy
Dimensions: Ø 7 x 10cm
Composition: Murano Glass 
Care: Not suitable for dishwasher use