Malaika Linens

Ottoman Vase Sky Blue Placemat, Set of 4

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Malaika was founded in 2004 by businesswomen Margarita Andrade and Goya Gallagher, who aspired to use the finest Egyptian cotton and linen to create intricate works of art. At the heart of Malaika's mission is to educate and employ underprivileged women within the community who are empowered to learn and preserve thread-work skills and build economic independence.
Handcrafted in cotton, the Ottoman Vase Placemat is adorned with a repeating flower motif inspired by antique Ottoman samplers and framed with a warm-coloured geometric pattern. Available in three colourways, including rosewood sky blue and amber.
Expected to ship in 4 - 8 weeks


Origin: Handcrafted in Cairo
Composition: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 45 x 32cm
Care: Delicate machine wash warm. Do not soak or use bleach.